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Our mission is to achieve sustainability and build community through landscape design and ecological education.

Maas Verde Projects


Priorities: – Functional Seating – Aesthetics Match – Access For Elderly ParentsChallenges: – Heavy Shade – Compromised Deck Solutions: – Steel Fixtures – Shade-Tolerant Natives – Stone Walkways This project was featured on the 2023 Austin Outdoor Living Tour Our client approached us with a compact side yard, in need of a comfortable outdoor living area that also complemented their recently-built home. A multi-trunked live oak shaded the small space, which

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Priorities: Walkway Safety Hazard – Reduce Pressure on Heritage OakChallenges: Tight Scheduling – Balance Elements of Hardscape and SoftscapeSolutions: Task Orientation – Detailed Grading Live in Austin long enough, and you’re bound to lounge on the shady patio at Better Half Coffee & Cocktails. The spread itself is broad and welcoming, and the live oak that shades it has been there far longer than any of us have been alive.

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Priorities: Troubleshoot Prolonged Irrigation System FailureChallenges: Multiple Failed Prior Attempts – No Plan Documents – One Urgent ScopeSolutions: Trace Underground Faults – Expedite with Key Equipment Maas Verde received an initial, urgent call from a nonprofit working to donate a handful of trees to West Texas’ Balmorhea State Park.  The organization needed a fast irrigation repair for an upcoming event held in conjunction with the donation. The planted trees were

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Landscape design that works with nature – and for people.

Sustainable ecosystems are vital, and we treat each part of the Central Texas ecosystem with respect and dignity. Our clients, our employees, and our landscape designs all benefit from our commitment to good stewardship of resources and responsible growth.

At Maas Verde Landscape Restoration, we specialize in applying ecological best practices and incorporating native Central Texas plants to create and maintain urban and rural landscapes. Our goal is restoration through creation, and we do this by reducing water use, fertilizer use, and long-term maintenance costs for our clients.

We would love to learn about your vision

Reach out to us today to set up a time to discuss your vision. We are also available for speaking engagements and ecological education.

We would love to learn about your vision

Reach out to us today to set up a time to discuss your vision. We are also available for speaking engagements and ecological education.

Our Services

Full-service landscape design and restoration

We offer deep experience in landscape design, landscape restoration, and construction of hardscapes such as walkways, rock walls, retaining walls, irrigation systems, pergolas, and steel structures. We prioritize attention to detail, craftsmanship, and creating a positive client experience.

Residential Landscape Design

We love working with homeowners to beautify their personal space in a way that also offsets the effects residential development can have on the environment.

Commercial Landscape Design

The Maas Verde team has experience in assisting commercial and public properties in attaining Earth Advantage, LEED, Net Zero, and Living Building programs.

Public Parks Design

We support municipalities and other public entities in incorporating natural vegetation to honor the local and regional flora by sharing it with those who visit.

Sustainability Education

We offer basic training on the principles of sustainable design, sustainable lawn maintenance for beginners, and Central Texas regional ecological best practices.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“I never envisioned being able to create a home environment that so seamlessly blended with the backdrop of the Hill Country, but Maas Verde was able to make it happen!”

The Landscape Design Process

Creating a sustainable landscape design together is empowering

Natural resources are inspiring in their resilience and creativity. We are constantly learning from the environment, and we share our full knowledge with you or your team as we work together.

The process of creating a landscape design is collaborative and whimsical; the process of implementation is steady and predictable.

01. Schedule a Consult
02. Conceptual Design
04. Construction Begins

Our Blog

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