Why Tree Trimming is So Critical

Why it’s super important to regularly trim and maintain your trees.
🏡 Protect your home! Tree limbs should be at least five feet away from any major structure on your property. ☠️ Dead limbs, often referred to as “widow makers” are something you want removed during tree trimming season as it promotes the healthy growth for your tree. 💪Pruning your tree can aid in the structural integrity of the tree. Regular mulching as well as using compost is ideal for soil health around the tree, and therefore the tree itself. ⚠️ Critical root zone! When thinking critical root zone, think soil compaction. Soil compaction, aka driving a heavy truck, having large boulders present in the root zone can cause soil compaction which negatively impacts the tree health.   💦Most native trees won’t require watering which is great for you, your water bill and the community. Unless we are in a severe drought, don’t worry about watering your trees once established.  🦠Proper tree trimming also prevents pests and diseases in trees and improper trimming during the wrong season or conducted improperly can lead to oak wilt. Oak wilt only impacts live oak and red oak species. Know any other oak trees? Tell em not to worry about oak wilt and be sure NOT to trim trees susceptible to oak wilt from February 1st to June 30th.
Have a sycamore with a dead limb? Or what about an unruly live oak? Whatever the tree or type of trimming, our team is willing to climb to great lengths for you.


Posted January 20, 2023

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