The Mite Destroying Our Plants

Landscape maintenance is crucial in preventing the spread of diseases like rose rosette disease, which is a virus spread by a very small mite. Symptoms of this disease include a thickened, abnormally thorny stem, crinkled & shortened red leaves, and multiple reddened stems growing out of one node, leading to a bunching/dense cluster, which is an indicator of the virus.

Plant health is important to Maas Verde and our clients and this disease is lethal to roses and there is no known cure. The rosette virus is transmitted by a small mite, which can hop from plant to plant with the help of wind.  Because the virus is systematic, so the best way to combat the virus and to prevent the spread is to remove the infected roses as early as possible.  

To address the rose rosette disease issue, Maas Verde took proactive measures. When removing the infected plants, we made sure to clean our tools with bleach to prevent further infection and removed the entire root ball. Through these efforts, we were able to slow the spread of the virus, highlighting the importance of proper landscape maintenance practices in controlling plant diseases.

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