a landscape with a gravel bed, lawn, and steel edging alongside a deck and outdoor kitchen

Austin Backyard Garden & Kitchen Collab

Striking the right balance in a multi-use back yard was a big priority for this client. A young family and a passion for dinner parties guided their landscape needs. And a scenic but complex property that plunges two stories down to nearby Shoal Creek created project guidelines.

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The multi-pronged install is the product of a partnership between Maas Verde and Eischen’s General Contracting, LLC. The Eischen crew first installed the awning, deck, and outdoor kitchen. Maas Verde finished the space with the steel-edged gravel landing, rain-absorbing garden bed, and turf lawn.

Choosing the right materials and building to last were Maas Verde’s priorities. Signals that this landscape would be well-loved were everywhere — from the client’s energetic young pet Weimeraner to the packs of neighborhood kids who swarmed through the job site daily!

3/16″ custom welded steel edging retains the gravel pit against a concrete curb. The material will stand up to heavy foot traffic over time, and limit gravel from spilling away downhill.

(Photo/Maas Verde)

The same edging separates the mulched bed from the lawn. Maas Verde chose attractive, easy-going Webberville sedge (Carex perdentata) for the bed. The shady area and location right below a gutter and downspout will suit its tolerance for wet roots. But in a drought, it won’t give up.

Shade-tolerant Emerald Zoysia was the clear choice for the lawn. A small paver walkway provides easy access to the firewood rack.

End result: one of Maas Verde’s most versatile and cohesive residential landscapes.

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