Brentwood Austin Residential Landscape Design

Project Description

Maas Verde Landscape Restoration was hired to create a custom landscape design and irrigation system for this Brentwood, Austin-area home. The team designed plans and dimensions, creating a screen for the A/C unit, and planted a fruit tree garden. The irrigation system was designed to support the pre-existing landscaping as well as the new additions. During the construction of the irrigation system, it was discovered that the City of Austin had a significant clog in the water connection causing very low water availability. The Maas Verde team was persistent in addressing this issue with the City and it was ultimately resolved due to our team’s perseverance. After installation of the irrigation was complete, the team installed a pergola 10′ high with 6″x6″ posts to round out the aesthetics and functionality of the new landscape design.

Project Details

Skills Needed:

Landscape Design
Landscape Installation
Native Ecology Expertise
Patio & Accessory Construction

Posted November 6, 2020

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