Hill Country Conservancy Violet Crown Trail Butterfly Garden

Project Description

Planning of the Violet Crown Trail began in 2006. Its purpose is to create the first regional trail system in Central Texas. After years of strategic land acquisition and planning, the trail is now 13 miles long running from Zilker Park to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. With continued construction, the VCT is on its way to becoming the longest trail of its kind in Central Texas.

Maas Verde Landscape Restoration was hired to reclaim a former materials construction site and to rehabilitate the disturbed area through the creation of a trailhead and performance of work on a specific stretch (.75 miles) of the Violet Crown Trail. Our team was given free rein to develop the plant design and the rock placement to increase the topographic complexity and variety of the environment. We also designed and installed the butterfly garden, developing a creative temporary irrigation solution to ensure that the plantings received the required water until they were established. The temporary irrigaton system was designed to function from a 600-gallon water drum, which required complex calculations to construct above-ground.

Project Details 

Skills Needed:

Landscape Design
Landscape Installation
Native Ecology Expertise
Trail Design

Posted November 7, 2020

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