Project Description: 

For this project, our client wanted to clean up and modernize their front beds to match the look of their home. We installed  3/16” steel edging and new soil, and placed a variety of sun and shade tolerant plants in the beds. One side saw almost complete shade from their pecan trees, while the south side was subject to nearly all-day sun. 

For their back yard, we faced a challenge in the form of a high-energy pup named Fargo. Fargo had run a literal trench into their back yard and had reduced a lot of their landscaping efforts to dust. A secondary goal was to create outdoor living space near their deck to take advantage of the shade of a large pecan. We replaced all the edging with 3/16” steel, built a bocce court and standup limestone patio, and installed commercial-grade low-voltage lighting. Fargo’s run got a heavy layer of 5/8” granite gravel. All the side beds were planting with tough native plants, including coral honeysuckle to fill in where some star jasmine had died in the 2021 winter storm.  

Posted September 22, 2022

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