San Gabriel Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Project Description:

Founded in 2007 San Gabriel UU Fellowship is comprised of people of many beliefs and backgrounds. Located near the heart of historic Old Town across the street from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, their building is both traditional and contemporary, and it reflects their commitment to the inclusion of people of all ages, abilities, and mobility.

Maas Verde Landscape Restoration was engaged to construct a concrete sidewalk, French drain system, and a large deck. The deck and sidewalk had to meet perfectly, so the Maas Verde team ensured that the grading and elevation were perfect. The construction area was prone to flooding during heavy rain, requiring a creative approach to ensure the project’s success.

The amount of water coming down from two different off-site parking lots from other churches was a significant issue. In order to accommodate rainfall during construction, the team manufactured a custom concrete drain box that was capable of taking on a significant amount of water. The French drain was designed and installed with a high capacity for stormwater, and the Maas Verde team constructed two rain gardens downstream of the deck to slow the water down at various points.

This innovative addition allows for water to seep into the ground and lessens the load on the drainage system. By mitigating impervious cover and creating natural catchment areas for the rainfall, the team able to design with nature in mind and provide an effective sidewalk and landscape solution. The sidewalk met ADA compliance and a ramp was constructed to provide ease of access for everyone. This custom French drain box (24″^3) was fabricated off-site.

Project Details

Skills Needed:

Landscape Design
Landscape Installation
Native Ecology Expertise
Patio & Accessory Construction

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