South Austin

Project Description:

This South Austin project involved taking a compact, heavily shaded yard and creating a comfortable, private outdoor living area that complemented a clean aesthetic in a recently constructed home. Additional considerations had us looking at ways to improve access for the client’s aging parents. The existing yard featured a multi-trunked live oak tree, minimal plantings, and an undersized builder-grade wood deck.

After consulting with the client, we proposed enlarging the wood deck, adding a welded steel raised seating area surrounded by steel planting boxes and trellises, and adding Lueders stone pathways from the gate to the deck and to the seating area. As our crew began work on the deck, we determined the existing structure lacked the quality and durability we’d have wanted to see, so the entire deck was rebuilt from scratch with new concrete footings, added joists, and new lumber to replace joists that were already showing signs of rot. An older fence separating the back yard from the side was removed, and a new fence and gate constructed - with a hog panel doggie window - that tied both yards together for more enclosed space.

Tough, shade-tolerant natives like Webberville sedge, inland seaoats, yaupon holly and turkscap were planted amidst the live oaks, and coral honeysuckle vines were interlaced into the trellises. A simple drip irrigation system was added to the boxes to help the plants get established.

Posted October 13, 2022

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