Southwest Austin

Project Description:

This Southwest Austin client wanted to build a pool with surrounding landscaping influenced by the Line Hotel in Downtown Austin. The client obtained construction drawings from a local designer and brought in Maas Verde to complete three key phases of the project.

During Phase One, we constructed concrete footers for the CMU Wall and pool deck, which required precise measurements and careful coordination with the pool and deck builders to ensure everything connected properly.

In addition, we constructed a CMU Wall on one side of the pool to provide privacy from the neighbors and support an Accoya wood deck. The CMU Wall was constructed with custom-welded steel cubbies to store towels and clothing for friends and family enjoying the new pool!

Phase Two included creating boulder terraces leading up to the pool from the client’s house, using 85 cave blocks, each weighing 2,000 pounds. The pool is at a higher elevation than the house, therefore when looking from the back porch towards the pool, the boulder terraces are all you can see, which creates an experience of a “hidden pool”. During the next planting season, the client wants to install native plantings in each level of the terraces to create a natural swimming pool experience.

During the final phase, Phase Three, we installed 290 linear feet of code-compliant, 5-foot tall, iron safety fencing with three, 4-foot-wide gates around the pool.

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