French Drains

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Remove Excess Water from Your Property with Our Drainage Solution

Having excess water on your property is frustrating and can lead to flooding, puddles, and even damage to the foundations of your property. A French drain from Maas Verde is the best solution to fix your drainage problem.

When Do I Need A French Drain for My Austin Property?

Our French drains solve issues like wet basements, soggy yards, and foundation problems caused by excess water. French drains function like rain gutters that collect precipitation as they run off a roof, however, they manage water at ground level.

Installing a French drain mitigates flooding and pooling in your property’s yard by moving water off your property to places like a drain, tree, dry well, or a green space like a rain garden. 

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How Do We Install French Drains?

French drains are typically created with a perforated drain pipe set at an angle, surrounded by gravel or other drainage material. The ground and surface water enters the drain through the perforations in the pipe and flows down into a drain or a location suitable for water drainage. These drains are usually installed around the perimeter of a property.

Benefits of a French Drain

In the Austin area, water runoff and drainage problems can cause soil erosion, but our French drains control soil erosion by redirecting water runoff to vulnerable areas, which is integral to maintaining a healthy water supply for all Austin residents. 

By redirecting water to different areas, French drains can also benefit stream restoration projects and preserve Austin’s natural landscape.

French drains are also the best alternatives for Austin’s stormwater management goals. Water runoff that contains pollutants ends up in traditional drainage systems like open ditches or storm sewers, polluting the Austin water supply. However, gravel filters in French drains remove pollutants from water and redirect water to green spaces – water should not be treated as a waste but as a resource.

French drains can also be used behind retaining walls to relieve groundwater pressure.

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A French drain system will not be an adequate solution for your drainage problem if:

  • there is not an adequate slope to redirect water away from the property.
  • there is no suitable place to redirect the water like an underground rain barrel or cistern, or even a nearby rain garden.

If you are curious whether a French drain is the best solution for your Austin drainage needs, call Maas Verde for a free consultation. Let Maas Verde do the work!