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Landscape Construction in Austin 

Beautiful landscapes are made possible by a combination of elements including design, irrigation, drainage, and greenery. The construction is the foundation for these projects and Maas Verde does it all, from the initial designs to the boulder work, all while keeping your budget and vision top of mind. 

Different projects require different trades and disciplines, sometimes even a combination of them all. Maas Verde does all the construction involved in a landscaping project, such as boulder work, gardening, hardscaping, stone masonry, steel fabrication, and more to bring your landscape dreams to life. 

Landscaping Construction Features


Hardscaping refers to the stone and rock features that are decorative and structural. These features not only boost the natural features, they also add definition and organization. Our team of skilled hardscape specialists will work with your vision to elevate your home’s features. Here are some examples of hardscape elements that can enhance your property: stone retaining walls, concrete patios, brick patios, flagstone patios, tile patios, stone walkways, gravel paths, stone landscape steps, metal fences, wooden fences, wooden decks, wooden arbors or gazebos, and pergolas.


Softscaping deals with the plants and vegetation that are decorative and add greenery to the land. These living elements add natural beauty to the space and also help absorb the central Texas heat. Trees and flowers can offer shade, flowers can add color and fragrance, shrubs can act as borders, the possibilities start with your vision. 

Stone Masonry 

Our team of contractors is dedicated to creating durable stone work that can last a lifetime. Maas Verde specializes in delivering superior, tailor made stone masonry solutions for your landscaping projects. 

Steel Fabrication 

Discover the perfect blend of versatility with our steel landscape elements. Designed to enhance outdoor landscapes, these structures truly make a place its own. Maas Verde's skilled welders are capable of creating various steel structures, ranging from basic raised beds to complex terracing. Our team specializes in producing steel landscape features, including planter boxes, edging, retaining walls, pergolas, railings, trellises, and stairs. 

Our initial meeting is vital to understanding your vision, expectations, and budget. This clear communication allows for a smooth project execution. Keep in mind that some landscaping installations require ongoing care, whether it's done by our team or by you. In Austin and central Texas area, landscape construction requires careful consideration of the existing landscape and the intended use of the property. At Maas Verde, our landscaping experts work closely with clients to ensure that every detail, from irrigation systems to blooming roses, receives the attention it deserves.

If you’re looking for an experienced landscaping company that has the knowledge to complete any project, in central Texas or farther afield, connect with our team and get your free consultation.