We prioritize landscape designs that balance beauty and function. Our installations seamlessly integrate native plants, outdoor lighting, stone masonry, and steel fabrication. Explore our landscape design process to see how we can transform your outdoor space.


Outdoor carpentry projects from decks to fences to pergolas can be key aspects of any landscaping project. We offer carpentry services to streamline the client experience during our design phase, bringing multiple scopes of work under one roof. Read more about our carpentry.


Completing a landscape almost always demands an array of trades and disciplines. We integrate boulder work, gardening, hardscaping, stone masonry, steel fabrication, and many other facets of landscaping into our installs. Read more about our construction.

Tree Trimming & Removal

Healthy, safe, and aesthetic trees are vital components of any property or landscape design. Our arborists can diagnose any safety hazards or diseases in your trees, then recommend and execute a care plan with ground or rope access. We offer air spade service to decompact root zones, and tree protection on all construction sites. Maas Verde can also help you choose new trees for any landscape, according to shade and soil conditions. Read more about our tree trimming & removal.


Maas Verde selects from an array of heavy equipment to match projects in a wide range of sizes and scopes. Services include clearing and grubbing, excavation, trenching, and drainage structures. Our OSHA safety-trained operators implement projects with wheel loaders, excavators, articulated dump trucks, and skidsteers of all sizes. Read more about our earthwork services.

Vegetation Management

Maas Verde assists landowners, private and public, to manage plant species in service of various land management goals. We perform habitat enhancement and restoration, managing native and non-native invasive species and using a mixture of passive and aggressive techniques to promote vegetative diversity. We can create long-term, comprehensive natural resource management plans to manage natural resources for landowners. Read more about our vegetation management.

Erosion Control & Management

Any landscape needs functional drainage and retention to last for the long haul. Maas Verde is experienced with multiple erosion control methods, including silt fence, mulch sock, tridikes, riprap, and native planting and seeding for soil stability. Read more about our erosion control.


Our irrigation designers and technicians offer experience working with properties of every size, from small home gardens to large-scale commercial systems. With Master Irrigators on staff, Maas Verde offers diagnostic services to troubleshoot faults in existing irrigation components. We can also create custom irrigation designs specific to your landscape. Read more about our irrigation.


Every landscape requires regular care to look its best and function at its highest capacity. Maas Verde’s ecological approach to maintenance promotes plant and soil health. For example, we use varying techniques to manage invasive plant species and prioritize functioning native plant communities. Regular maintenance helps structures like paths, borders, and walls remain visually defined and structurally sound. Read more about our maintenance.

Stream Restoration

Sedimentation is the most significant nonpoint source pollution in our freshwater streams. Natural stream channel design is vital for restoring and maintaining the health of freshwater ecosystems. Maas Verde partners with engineers and hydrologists to restore degraded waterways by implementing construction projects, specializing in bioengineered solutions. Read more about our stream restoration and reclamation


Stone work makes your property stand out, and helps accent softer elements of a landscape like grasses and garden beds. Maas Verde uses a range of techniques and mediums to install stone elements that integrate into each job site. We use flagstones, chopped rock, natural boulders, limestone quarry blocks, CMU blocks, and bricks. Learn more about our masonry.


Maas Verde carefully selects from a broad catalog of native and adapted plants to make sure each landscape gets plants that can thrive in the proper location. Led by our in-house native plant specialists, we analyze nutrient, light, and water conditions before we plant. We also consult on comprehensive planting plans for each property. Learn more about our landscape planting.


The right outdoor lighting can make any landscape more inviting — and safer — after dark. Maas Verde can incorporate a lighting design into any install, and uses low voltage modules that meet industry regulations. All of our designs and lighting components comply with the Dark Sky International specifications. Read more about our outdoor lighting services

Steel Fabrication

From simple raised beds to structural terracing, Maas Verde’s trained welders can produce a wide range of steel structures. We regularly fabricate steel landscape elements such as planter boxes, steel edging, retaining walls, pergolas and other above-ground structures, railings, trellises, and stairs. Maas Verde fabricates steel on site with a mobile shop to meet any job conditions. Read more about our steel fabrication.

Stormwater Management

A landscape needs to absorb and shed the correct amounts of water in any rain event, especially in Texas. We capture rainwater with catchment systems including cisterns. We use structures like swales, rain gardens, and french drains to channel runoff toward your plants’ root systems and away from areas where flooding is a concern. Our holistic approach aims to slow down run-off, increasing soil infiltration before water escapes down the storm drain. Read more about our stormwater management.

Other Services

At our company, we don't merely cater to your live plant needs – we transform your outdoor spaces. Whether you envision enhancing your property with lush, verdant trees, vibrant and colorful shrubs, or serene gardens, our team has the skills and passion to bring your vision to life. However, our expertise extends far beyond just greenery. We specialize in designing and installing a wide range of hardscapes and outdoor features that elevate the appeal of your property to new heights. We offer additional services to address all your landscaping needs: 

With meticulous craftsmanship and an eye for detail, we bring your dreams to life, creating an outdoor oasis that seamlessly blends the beauty of nature with functional and aesthetic enhancements. Let us transform your property into a true extension of your lifestyle.