(photo/Maas Verde)

Landscape Designs for Stormwater Management 

It doesn’t rain much in Texas.

Except when it does. 

If you live in Austin or the parts of Central Texas nicknamed ‘flash flood alley,’ you have to plan for dramatic rain events. Climate change makes our dry periods longer, but it makes the punctuating floods even more intense and unpredictable. You can expect an unusually heavy storm or a hurricane remnant every few years, so you need to start preparing now.

Maas Verde can help you plan for stormwater runoff that originates within, or passes through, your property. Some of the strategies on the table for managing an abundance of rainfall include:

  • Swales
  • Rain gardens
  • French drains
  • Catchment systems
  • Cisterns

We’d like to slow down the run-off, delivering water to plants at a measured and sustainable rate. Rain is a limited resource here in the southwest, so you want to retain as much as possible when you have too much of it, without causing damage to existing vegetation or unsightly erosion. 

Maas Verde sends crews throughout flash flood alley, and farther afield for the right project. Tell us about your stormwater problems today!