(photo/Maas Verde)

Austin Invasive Vegetation Management Services

Invasive Vegetation Management

Maas Verde assists landowners in implementing native plant communities and green infrastructure to create biodiverse, sustainable landscapes. We promote vegetative diversity and help manage plant species in service of ecological land management goals. We provide our services to private and public landowners delivering the best results for the client and the plant environment.

Effects of Invasive Species in Austin

An invasive species is an organism not native to an area that outcompetes native organisms leading to negative outcomes. Our specialty is invasive vegetation species. Unlike native species that promote biodiversity, invasive species can outcompete native plants.

The environment is changed once an invasive species has been introduced. These plants are successful in a new environment because they produce a large amount of seed, have aggressive and dense root systems, and are accidentally distributed by animals, wind, and in some cases, intentionally by humans. Invasive species compete with native species for survival needs, can spread from a contained garden, reduce water quality, and decrease recreation opportunities. They affect the whole environment, not just native plants.

What Do We Do?

We use the right techniques, habitat enhancement and restoration, and native and non-native invasive species management. With this, we can create a healthy environment without the harm caused by the invasive vegetation.

Based out of Austin, we handle cases throughout Texas, and anywhere else if it’s the right project. If you are interested in invasive vegetation species management, contact our office today.