Reinforced silt fence and mulch sock; (photo/Maas Verde)

Erosion Control: Austin & Central Texas 

Erosion occurs naturally all the time — but in landscape contexts, it can make a damaging impact or pollute the water supply. Maas Verde's mitigation approach incorporates ecological principles, such as planting vegetation to stabilize soils or installing silt fence.

Our teams review zones on your property that seem prone to dangerous erosion and formulate a comprehensive plan to improve the terrain. Interested in our services? Schedule an estimate now: (512) 588-8173

Erosion Control Services 

Our specialists will help you select the best strategy for your property. Some of the techniques at our disposal include:

Silt Fences: Permeable fabric stretched between supportive T-posts, sometimes with wire reinforcement. The fabric allows water to pass through while capturing and retaining soil particles at or above grade.

Mulch Socks: A permeable fabric tube (or "sock") often filled with natural materials such as mulch, compost, or wood chips. The mulch sock creates ground contact to prevent sediment runoff on the surface. Mulch socks are common components of streambank stabilization projects. 

Tridikes: These three-sided barriers can withhold higher rates of water concentration compared to silt fences. Their utility is higher in applications that restrict high flow or protect storm drains. 

Riprap:  Riprap is a standard stream reclamation & restoration technique. Crews place layers of small boulders along riverbanks, creeks, or high-flow waterways. This coverage protects embankment structures from erosion caused by water currents.

Native Planting: Native plant communities are the most resilient, lowest-impact erosion control structures. Plants control soil erosion by retaining soil with their root systems, limiting runoff by absorbing water, and more.

Seeding: Seeding is another green approach soil stabilization. Depending on conditions, it can be more cost-effective than installing mature plants. In the long-term, it produces the same erosion control benefits as planting.

Why Choose Maas Verde Landscape Specialists for your Erosion Management? 

Maas Verde's focus is always to deliver exceptional services at competitive rates. Before each project, our landscape crew reviews water runoff conditions, soil type, and vegetation factors. We can create all stages of erosion management plans — whether it's the focal point of a project or just a component.

Our talented crew has decades of combined experience handling varying levels of land impact and restoration, from residential properties to commercial construction sites. With Maas Verde, you can rest assured your erosion and sediment issues will be handled from day one. Based in Central Texas, we will send crews anywhere for the right project. Call to schedule an estimate today: (512) 588-8173