a backyard landscape with steel pergola and seating area

(Photo/Adam Barbe @colab.workshop)

Landscape Maintenance Services in Austin, TX

The key to a beautiful landscape is regular upkeep. Maas Verde offers preferred landscape maintenance services to keep your residence or commercial space neat and clean. 

We employ an ecological approach to landscaping to promote plant and soil vitality. Our techniques are designed to eliminate invasive species and prioritize the growth of native plants. Our maintenance division's top priority is to make sure your hardscapes, walkways, steel edges, garden beds, and trees look their best.

Maas Verde Landscape Maintenance Services 

Maintenance needs vary from site to site, but our service menu includes:

  • Lawn mowing: keep your grass clean cut at a healthy height
  • Mulching: retains moisture, regulates temperature, and enriches soil
  • Pruning & Trimming: maintains the health and appearance of your trees and shrubs
  • Weeding: restricts invasive species, prioritizes growth of desired plants
  • Leaf Management: we can repurpose leaf litter as mulch or remove and recycle it as desired
  • Organic Fertilizing: plants need key soil nutrients to thrive, and organic fertilizers can deliver them
  • Hardscape Maintenance: maintains clean edges on your walkways, garden borders, and walls for a sharp look and improved safety

Maintain Your Property with Maas Verde

Contact us today for a free landscape maintenance consultation. Our maintenance division is ready to become your go-to solution for lawn and garden upkeep. Our crews dispatch throughout Austin and Central Texas.