an excavator works above a streambank stabilization project

Maas Verde stabilized 1,100 linear feet of coastal watershed with zero reportable safety or environmental incidents, ahead of schedule. (Photo/Maas Verde)

Stream and River Reclamation & Restoration Throughout Texas, Austin, and More

A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study announced in early 2023 has found that well over half of the nation’s rivers and streams are in poor condition due to streamside disturbance and poor riparian vegetation cover — and will struggle to support aquatic life. The EPA study on stream condition can be found here.

Maas Verde is passionate about restoration of landscapes and waterways by leveraging the power of natural resources and design. We advocate for designs that deploy natural ecological and geomorphological processes; in the long run, this approach creates a lasting and more inexpensive solution than a "hard" structure like concrete. We don't fight nature, we employ it. 

How We Bioengineer Stream Reclamation & Restoration Projects

Sedimentation is the most significant nonpoint source of pollution in our freshwater streams. Natural stream channel design is vital for restoring and maintaining the health of freshwater ecosystems. 

Maas Verde partners with engineers and hydrologists to restore degraded waterways and riparian zones by implementing construction projects, specializing in bioengineered solutions. Based in Austin, we're ready to deploy throughout Texas or any other location for the right project. 

(Illustration/M. Dickard, M. Gonzalez, W. Elmore, S. Leonard, D. Smith, S. Smith, J. Staats, P. Summers, D. Weixelman, S. Wyman via Wikimedia Commons)