(photo/Maas Verde)

Transforming Austin’s Landscape with Native and Adapted Plants 

Looking to upscale your landscaping work with native Texas plants? At Maas Verde, we work with an in-house native plant specialist with a broad catalog of plants. All plants selected have been certified to thrive in the Texas heat and drought seasons, making your area inviting and environmentally friendly. At Maas Verde we prioritize sustainability and aesthetics, we are aware that choosing plants that are suited for their surroundings is essential to creating a successful landscape. For this reason, before planting anything, we thoroughly examine the nutrient, light, and water conditions. Our in-house team of native plant experts can assist you in developing a thorough planting strategy that will turn your yard into a sanctuary. Some plants can improve your chosen design, whether you desire a vibrant flower bed or a lush, green backdrop.

The Importance and the Benefits of Planting Native Plants

There are many advantages to adopting native and adapted plants in landscaping. These plants require less care than non-local species since they are inherently suited to the soil and temperature of their specific locations. Their natural ability to adapt to their surroundings means they need less water, fertilizer, and pesticides. Additionally, native and adapted plants give local species food and habitat, which is crucial for preserving the ecosystem's health. 

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