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The 5 Best Reasons To Replace Your Turfgrass with Native Plants

Chances are, you or someone you know has spent the summer nursing shallow-rooted grasses through the deep Central Texas drought. Every time you turn the spigot on to irrigate your struggling lawn, your water bill swells up that much more.

But there’s plenty more upside to ditching your turfgrass for a native plant community. Switching to hearty, colorful natives can help the environment and yield dividends all at once.

Plant natives, save time and money, and support pollinators. Check out our top 5 reasons to ditch your grass.

1. Save Money

lawn sprinklers in the sun

All that airborne spray is money disappearing into thin air. (Or in Central Texas, really, really thick air.) Native plants need up to 80% less water than non-natives, as the City of Georgetown points out. Plant natives and slash you water bill, mow-and-blow service, and pesticide use.

2. Get Money

a woman fanning out hundred dollar bills

The City of Austin issues rebates to homeowners who convert turfgrass lawns. Take it from Maas Verde Project Manager John Harris — he claimed one himself. “You literally take a picture, fill out a form, and send it in.” Boom, $1,750.

3. Support Pollinators

a bee inside a yellow flower

Native plants provide nectar for pollinators like hummingbirds, native bees, butterflies, moths, and even bats! Without pollinators, we would lose fruits such as coffee. Yes, coffee.

4. Create a Landscape that Lasts

seeding buffalo grass

Droughts kill plants with shallow roots like St. Augustine or Fescue grass. But it only stresses natives like Buffalo grass, which can reach deeper into the soil to survive long dry spells.

5. Win Curb Appeal

a front yard garden blooming with yellow flowers

Yards pop when they’re planted with collections of vibrant, colorful native plants. The landscaping at your home or business can become a point of pride and a conversation starter.

Convert your lawn with Maas Verde today!

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