Hill Country Conservancy Violet Crown Trail Butterfly Garden

Project Description

The Violet Crown Trail is a first-of-its-kind project in Central Texas. A trail system that will eventually link Zilker Park with Hays County, planning began in 2006. Called "the first regional trail system" in the region, it now covers 13 miles from Zilker Park to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. 

Maas Verde worked as a subcontractor to reclaim an area used for construction staging during trail installation. Scope included rehabilitating the disturbed area by decompacting and amending the soil, planting a native seed mix, and setting up a temporary irrigation system to encourage seed establishment.

We also designed and installed a butterfly garden, using native plants and boulders. The temporary irrigation helped the plantings receive the water they required to become established. This was fed by a 600-gallon water drum, which required complex calculations to construct above-ground.

Project Details 

Skills Needed:

Landscape Design
Landscape Installation
Native Ecology Expertise
Trail Design

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