a walkway, patio, planted area around a tree and steel planter

Custom Limestone Patio with Steel Edging, Natural Shade

Priorities: Broad, Consistent Surface for Outdoor Seating, Garage Access
Challenges: Contour Seamless Edges Around Central Tree
Solutions: Plan Ahead – Cut Stone on Site

Three main outcomes guided this residential overhaul.

    1. Create an expansive, stable space for seating and a specialty gas grill under a shade tree.

    1. Link a covered porch and detached garage with a smooth walkway for stroller access.

    1. Refresh plant beds with new natives and permanent edging.

a stone patio surrounds a tree with plantings

To meet the needs, Maas Verde planned a patio with 2’x4’ Lueders limestone slabs. Our crew would cut the blocks on site to create aesthetic edges and perfect seams.

cutting stones with a saw, placing, and leveling

Grading with attention to detail would be pivotal to facilitating the even surfaces the clients needed. Rattly stroller passages to the alley-facing garage were not an option.

stone walkway approach to a garage and gate

Finally, Maas Verde would pull up generic plastic bed borders and replace them with long-lasting steel edging. After cutting and welding on site, Maas Verde would fill and plant the beds accordingly.

welding steel garden edging

A custom steel planter box with a trellis put the final touch on the design.

a steel planter box

Cutting and welding precisely were the key requirements. Setting “fences” for cuts and laying materials with care made progress methodical. So to keep the timeline efficient, project managers made sure to stay at least one step ahead of the crew.

This way, progress stayed focused and cut men stayed busy.

landscaping crew on site

Native plantings suited to their sun/shade conditions completed this brisk install.

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