a rain garden, patio, and lawn chairs

Rain Garden Fix for Drainage, Access and Inviting Backyard


Priorities: Resolve Unwanted Pooling – Increase Room For Foot Traffic
Challenges: Manage Stormwater Ecologically
Solutions: Regrade Stone Work – Install Rain Garden

This residential project constitutes a great example of an ecological solution to a common problem

The homeowner was struggling with misgraded drainage. In any rain event, water would backflow onto the driveway and pool in foot trafficked areas. The adjacent lawn formed a moderate berm, offering no drainage.

The client needed the drainage problem solved, and wanted more room for walking on the driveway sidewalk and front patio — especially for their aging parents.

Maas Verde first removed the concrete sidewalk and regraded the area toward a focal point in the middle of the yard. We then laid a new, wider sidewalk and extended the patio with sawed limestone slabs. 

Finally, we removed the grass berm and replaced it with a rain garden planted with native grasses and other species. In concept, the plantings capture natural runoff from the stone work, and soil berms help maintain the structure. 

a rain garden, patio, and lawn chairs

By the Numbers

200 sq. ft.: rain garden swale area.

650 sq. ft.: St. Augustine turfgrass removed.

990 gallons: approximate rain garden capacity.

540 gallons: rain captured from impervious surfaces in 1” rain event.

317: new native plants installed.

12: native plant species used.

18-Month Update!

This rain garden is now a full-fledged native habitat. Using only rainwater and Stage 2 restrictive irrigation (one day per week), this homeowner has fostered a sanctuary for hummingbirds, bumble bees, and even a curious fox (caught on Nest Cam)!

a collage showing a thriving rain garden


Priorities: Beautify the backyard and add a living space.
Design: Alternative to a high maintenance lawn area.
Features: Cream limestone slabs, stacked pancake boulders, Desert Willow, wildflower meadow, and succulent garden.

The client wanted to have an inviting, low maintenance landscape suitable for gatherings with a walking path throughout various gardens.

Maas Verde removed Saint Augustine turfgrass and replaced it with a gravel path and several garden sanctuaries.

Cut limestone was added to cover and extend an existing concrete porch to create an outdoor grill and living area.

2,700 sq. ft: Saint Augustine turfgrass removed.

2″ Thick cut limestone added to extend porch.

26: native species planted.

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